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The these paintings were created using the pour painting method, where you combine acrylic paint with either water or pouring mediums (of various mixtures) – pour these paints onto a canvas in any order you decide at the time – and take a blow dryer to spread the paint, spin it around on a cake spinner, and/or tilt the painting to get the desired look and feel you want.  I use different combinations of pouring mediums, but they all basically turned out the same.  After the piece dries for a month, I add 2 coats of water-based varnish to seal in the beauty. Please browse at your leisure - new paintings will be added each month.  A description of each painting is displayed under the painting including the price which includes shipping within the US.  


Each painting is dated and signed on the back with the additional statement:  Infused with Reiki loving energy. 

I am a Reiki master and felt the extra positive energy was a nice touch in these trying times.   


If you need more information or more pictures of a particular piece, please use the contact form on this website.

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