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Welcome to Hayden’s Virtual Art Gallery.  I am so happy you found my website. Come back often because I will be adding more paintings each month.

So, about me> I have been painting as a hobby on and off for about 55 years.  Work, raising my family, and just living life kept me occupied with very little painting time.  When COVID hit, I locked down and knew I had to do something to keep myself busy to stay sane.  I started watching YouTube tutorials on various styles of painting and found I was inspired to try a few.  I ordered supplies online, wiped them all down with bleach when they arrived and began painting again.  And painting, and painting, and painting…

As I painted, I discovered that I was not only learning different painting techniques, but I was also learning a lot about myself.  It was eye opening how a mixture of colors and painting mediums could turn into amazing creations.  I saw so many different things in the paintings – things that made me stop and think, “Where did that come from?”.  I spent more time meditating and going deep into the painting process and the deeper I went, the more enjoyment, peace, and satisfaction I felt.  I hope that you find some of the same enjoyment, peace, and satisfaction when you browse through this website.  I am a full-time artist now and loving every minute of it.

Please enjoy browsing at your leisure through this beautiful website created by my friend, Usman Ahmed ( If you see a piece that “speaks'' to you and you decide to purchase, that would be wonderful.  All paintings displayed here are one-of-a-kind originals.  There will be no prints and no duplicates.  Guaranteed.


Blessings to all,  


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